My fascination with camera’s started at a young age … watching Opa with his camcorder, Papa with his 35mm film SLR, etc. My first experience taking photo’s was in ’96 with a disposable camera… I was captivated. About 10 years later the digital point-n-shoot 1. something megapixels came out. I soon “outgrew” that, was able to get the Nikon D60 which whetted my creative whistle and served me wonderfully. In 2012 I really wanted to learn how photography worked, so began researching and taking lessons, which have dramatically improved my work. I then upgraded to the Nikon D7000 which is now my go-to camera. I enjoys working with light (the main factor in photography) to photograph people, wildlife, products, and best of all nature. As a hobbyist photographer and designer my desire is to portray the beauties of creation - whether tiny or vast, moments that may be overlooked or fleeting, yet through capturing, they all are cherished.

I hope my work will: first of all bring praise, honour, and glory to God's name; secondly, bring detail oriented, quality service to all; and lastly, to always put a bright smile on my clients faces!

Why did I chose the name Beacon...? A beacon is a light or visible object serving as a signal, warning, or guide, at sea etc. Throughout my entirety, the goal in everything is to be a tool used of my Father's hands as a signal, warning, guide, and reflection of Him and to point to the Saviour… the Light of the world. But within myself this is utterly impossible! It can only be fulfilled through the grace of God: which a free gift from the Father, through Jesus Christ, and implanted within by the Holy Spirit. Also, on a lesser note, as I was thinking of how to personalize my photography with my name "Rebecca-Lynne", "beacon" seemed to flow best. Thus combining it all into one. 

It is my deepest pleasure to have you here! May you be blessed, encouraged, and refreshed as you spend time in this little cove! If there is anything I can do for you, be of service to you, or you simply have a question please don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the contact section below.

Would you like an updated family portrait, your little treasures captured during their young years, or just a moment in time between the two of you captured?

Whether you would like a print to frame, a canvas, or medal print, greeting or business cards, invitations, announcements, certificates, etc. whatever the format or design that suites your desires and needs I would like to make them available to you.

Do you need food or products photographed?

Feel free to drop me a line. Whatever the need, to the best of my ability, Beacon Photography is here for you.