Congratulations Ben And Jess!

WooHoo! My big brother just got married! 

Ben I’d like to say how richly blessed I am - and I’m sure others as well - by your example, by your dependance upon the Lord, by seeing how He has worked and continues to work in your heart and life, how He is shaping you into the man you are today. Ever since we were young I have looked up to you as my big brother and dear friend; that admiration still grows as the years pass, with life’s onward walk and God’s sovereign leading. Thank-you for all the encouragements you have given and the way you point me to the Lord above all and walking in His ways; how living in full dependance and communion with Him brings great joy and fulfillment, and how He is thoroughly sufficient! Jess: you have a gem in Ben! May you treasure him greatly, but above all, may you treasure The One who brought you together and grow in your love for the Lord.  Ben and Jess I wish you both God’s richest blessings throughout these coming years together in your marriage. May He abundantly supply you both with His guidance, grace, wisdom, strength, and all you stand in need of. Walk with your hands held together by His, and though loving each other deeply, keep Him first place in your hearts. I love you both very much, and look forward to what the future will hold for this new Fennema family!

What a beautiful and fun day, where the Lord was glorified!

There will be more documentation on Ben and Jess's wedding coming at a later date. Stay tuned for more!

Excitement and Learning!

Aren't we always learning?

Yup, each of us is in a life-long school. Sometimes learning comes hard and is painful, sometimes it is easy and enjoyable. But no matter which way we learn, it always takes work and always stretches you.

A few weeks ago, while in a conversation with a sister she asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to film at her wedding. Thinking for a moment no-one came to mind, so I told her I would do it for her. ......(gulp)...... What did I just say?!? I had NEVER filmed in my entire photography journey up until this point! Why was I offering to do something I'd never done before, and that especially for her special day?

Over the past while I had been toying with the idea of learning videography and adding that to my skill set. Now with her asking, it was the push I needed to jump with two feet into it! (Thank-you so much, Anneliese, I needed that little shove!) So, I feverishly rolled up my sleeves and dove right into research; asking friends, who film, any question I had (including a professional wedding videographer); getting the proper gear; and preparing myself for that big day! I am so indebted to those who offered their guidance and knowledge, and could not have done it without them!

So, Friday July 14th was the big special day! Gerwin and Anneliese Van Deelen are now husband and wife!!! The day went very well and was a blast! It was so nice to come together especially as two families, and also with so many friends.

What a special treasure it was to be a part of your special day Gerwin and Anneliese! Though I can't say the filming went perfectly, I learned so much and am very thankful for the opportunity you gave me to "cut my teeth" on your wedding! Thank-you so much! I love you both very much!



So much has happened over the past few months... Several huge changes have come up in my life that have made it very hard to keep up with posting on a regular basis... But here I am again, and hopefully you all enjoy the photos!

Recently, we made this cake and to me it just looks so tantalizing, I had to snap a few photos of it to share the experience with others. Below is a collage of this delectable angel food cake! Enjoy, and I hope your mouth is watering! 

A Recent Designing Project...

Recently a friend asked if I could do up some prayer cards for them. I had the privilege of taking the couples portrait, using their choice portrait in designing the card, adding a photo given to me of their son, and getting magnets and flat cards printed up with my photo lab. It was a joy to work with and be of service to them!

Thank-you Mr. and Mrs. VanEssen for this opportunity to serve you in this way!

Baby Braysen...

Recently I was blessed with the privilege of doing a newborn photo session. It was a real learning experience as I've only done it once before. Getting the lighting and exposure right, working to calm the baby, getting it to sleep, gently posing him, and getting the shots quickly while he slept...all in all a great experience! Here are some of the shots that I was able to get. Again feel free to comment and critique. I love feedback!